Long's Park a Raging Success!

It's been a few weeks now, but I'm new at this blogging thing. Guess it should be a little more timely? 

The Motown Love Story show beat the heat for a fantastic evening in the park. Thanks to all who tolerated the heat and came out for a great time. 

Personnel on the evening included Elliot Garland, bass and MD; Joe Baldacci, drums; Marc Kaplan, keys; Mike Yinger, guitar, trombone, vocals; Stan Slotter, trumpet and flute; Brian Saunders, tenor sax; Kyleen Shaw, Cara Clase and Joey Holland-Garcia on vocals.

The feedback we received was incredible, and Long's Park boasted their highest Saturday night attendance around 750. There were so many people I missed saying hello to, but know I appreciate each and everyone of you.

I also appreciate the great photos shared of that evening on Facebook by Dan Gillespie, Mike Zeck and others. I'll include a few in the gallery.

Thanks for the memories. Knowing you were entertained makes me feel like a million bucks. My work here is done!

xoxo, A


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